Youth Work Ireland is the largest youth organisation in Ireland. We are made up of 21 Local Member Youth Services and a national office. We support our members to deliver an Integrated Youth Services Model to young people in their communities. This means that young people around Ireland can avail of a whole range of services and supports if and when they need them. We actively engage with over 76,000 young people every week. Over the years we have developed highly innovative services, supports and programmes for young people between the ages of 10-25 years, including mental health supports, resilience building, anxiety programmes, drug and alcohol supports, LGBT+ youth work, club development, employability programmes, counselling services, rural outreach and fun safe spaces for young people to gather.  

Dynamo International, located in Uccle (Brussels), is an association which was created in 2001 stemming from Dynamo ASBL, which was an outreach assistance service for young people, with over 25 years experience in social street work for children and young people in difficulty in Brussels. 

The association became a recognised NGO on 25 November 2004 and has the social objective of ensuring cooperation for development in the area of children’s rights and more specifically in areas concerning children and young people in the street, education, social street work, community development and the prevention of social exclusion, protection of children and socio-professional integration.  

LOGO jugendmanagement gmbh (LOGO youth management ltd.) – a non-profit and non-governmental organization – offers information-tools and services for young people in the Federal State of Styria. As the Styrian special department for youth information and communication our main target is to strengthen young people on their way, evolving to active parts of our society. By providing a comprehensive and user-friendly information service responsive to the personal, social and vocational needs of young people we foster informational and decision-making literacy. Our main target groups include adolescents and young people aged between 12 to 30 as well as professionals in formal and non-formal educational settings (e.g. teachers, youth workers, …).  

Aseman Lapset (Children of the Station) is a politically and religiously unaligned national non-profit organization founded in 1990 with the goal of improving the healthy growth of children and youth, as well as enhancing ordinary inter- action between youth and adults. Operative procedures of Aseman Lapset ry include the active observation, forecasting and if necessary, swift reaction to phenomena affecting youth. The organization also actively cooperates with professionals from different fields. 

Fryshuset is a Swedish foundation, who’s vision is based on the conviction that encouragement, confidence, responsibility and understanding are necessary in order to enable young people to develop their innate abilities and find their way into society. Fryshuset is a significant force to social change in Sweden. Fryshuset is widely acknowledged for its social work, education and sports and cultural activities in Sweden for over 30 years, due to numerous prosperous social projects commissioned by among others the Swedish government, municipalities and corporate. Fryshusets head office is based in Stockholm and has 7 more branches in Sweden and one in Norway. Approx. 700 staff run 70 projects in the fields of entrepreneurship and labour market, youth culture, social and run 4 schools. Also, 7 sport and cultural associations with approx 7000 members, a national network of youth organizations (330 members), more than 20 meeting places throughout Sweden, and reach 150´000 youth monthly. Some of its activities and projects are also running internationally.